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School composition

Autumn mood
I woke up in the morning, when the window started to Wake up day. But unfortunately sunlight peeked in my window. Day portended to be cloudy. I've been lying in bed with a hot Cup of tea made for me mom, and with your favorite book. Morning mood was gloomy as the autumn.

Autumn has a very changeable mood, how in other and every season. That morning was sad, helped by the weather. All changeable notes mood at that time combine and sadness, joy and excitement with inspiration. Such beautiful moments you want to escape from home and go for new sensations that will Wake up sleeping in the depths of the soul romance.

So I'm after a morning of relaxation has decided to walk autumn Park. For this walk will suit any state of mind. I dressed warmly, bring an umbrella, because the cloudy weather always heralds the autumn rains, which also fill the soul with his music.

In autumn the Park was incredibly beautiful. I especially love maple trees. Each leaf was painted in incredible colorful. Yellow mixed with green in the quaint pattern, and some of the leaves have turned Burgundy-red color. Such moments, want to leave a memory in the photo, so after many years to enjoy the beauty of autumn mood.

The temperature is low. Cold. Walks are getting shorter. Now it is best to wrap up warm to enjoy the autumn beauty. Storm clouds quickly began to cover the sky was going to rain. On this gloomy weather, I have a rainbow umbrella. He is so huge and beautiful that opening it, starting to smile. All autumn melancholy goes away and you just already are enjoying a walk in the rain.

Very nice to see when the drops fall on the wet leaves, forming a puddle. Remain already not a drop on the pavement, and the whole huge puddles. The water is flowed through the Park and large streams. Leaves a wet heap lying on the ground. They were wet and heavy. I ran home happy and filled with positive emotions.

Here it becomes clear that even an overcast and rain fall can be beautiful. Different weather can bring surprisingly bright mood. And even the autumn storms, heavy rains and frosts are their charms.

Autumn mood beautiful and amazing, because each season carries good points that should keep in memory your entire life.

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