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School composition

Autumn leaf fall
The autumn season is considered the beginning of change. But the most significant of them occur in nature. The sky painted mellow blue, the sun descends lower, as if seeking to lie on the horizon, the vegetation also changes significantly, giving a warm, fun colouring all living things.

Multi-colored, radiant light pouring out of the autumn. And the most amazing phenomenon of the autumn landscape are rustling under the boots, dead leaves. Autumn leaves is a process that is necessary to all nature as an upgrade, but, nevertheless, it is a very beautiful and spectacular view.

Dropping their leaves, trees are not just refreshing, they are also still and free from all unnecessary oppression and unnecessary problems that part of it, which in the summer season, the vegetation is breathable and saturated with oxygen and all the necessary elements. But here came a time when nature should thoroughly prepare for precipitation and cold winter. And the most appropriate for all vegetation will reset them already useless foliage. Freezing and sticking to branches, snow can harm the entire deciduous cover.

Curious is that this so necessary and irreversible process can be fantastically beautiful. Perhaps, all people, from small children to elderly people, get an incredible pleasure when walking, they throw fallen leaves, and in response listen to the soothing melody of their rustling. But then, as autumn changed the streets of various towns and villages, perhaps impossible, to describe. Incredibly beautiful landscapes everywhere.First, you may notice that during the night under one of the trees formed a small rug multi-colored leaves. But then suddenly, will blow the autumn breeze and the whole, fluffy and soft "mattress", scatters and calm myself is attached near the wheels of adjacent cars and curbs. But the neighbor's kid jumping on this fallen leaves, and starts, or gather in groups such priceless for him autumn toys or scatter them around, creating playful fountains and Mexican fireworks.It turns out that this is such a straightforward way, nature has endowed us with the ability to get pleasure from her small, but very pleasant surprises.

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