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School composition

Autumn is a Golden season
Each of us at least once in your life, but probably wonder how interesting the world is. Here to take at least times of the year. It would seem surprising, but clearly and firmly follow each other. If you do not even know the name of the month, it is still possible with high accuracy to determine the time of year. To do this, each pore has its own signs, which are not repeated at other times. It should be noted that every time of the year in its own wonderful and unique, but each of us has their favorite time of the year. Personally for me it's autumn. You ask why?I can easily cite many reasons because of which it is the autumn the most that neither eat a wonderful time.

In the first place. The first day is the day of knowledge, which unites in its solemn atmosphere, a lot of pupils, students, teachers, and parents. During summer vacation, each has accumulated a truckload of different experiences and everyone can't wait to share them with your friends. I'd like to see favorite teachers, soon to go to the home class and sit at your own Desk.

Secondly, autumn never nature is transformed. Which is a walk in the Park or forest. All the trees and bushes to try on a new beautiful coat of many colors. I always collect a lot of colorful leaves and make a herbarium, still lifes, various compositions, which sometimes even give to friends. I love this time of year, because they can go with dad to the woods for mushrooms. You can't even imagine what a pleasure when I manage to gather a basket full of mushrooms, mother and grandmother in admiration and then praise me.

Yes, fall is simply a sight for sore eyes. No, I'm not upset at the heavy rains, on the contrary, it's fun to see colorful umbrellas and ridiculous jumping through puddles pedestrians. Oh, and when around the middle of November all the trees have already shed their clothes and the ground is covered of beautiful colorful carpet, there comes a time for the first snow. He's still not real, and lingers for a while, but people are frightened by his presence. 

That's how things happens in my favorite time of year.

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