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School composition

Autumn gold
Pass unnoticed for days, weeks, months. One season changes another, day passes after day. Every month of the year in a special beautiful, for transformation of nature there is a lot of unknown and interesting. Those people who like to enjoy nature will appreciate the beauty of each season.

The closest to me it's time Golden autumn. At this time the trees are incredibly beautiful and unforgettable. Especially the leaves. Their color varies from orange to yellow, from green to red. And these shades really capture that catch the eye, remember its colors. This picture of nature remembered for a long time and remains in photographs, paintings, poems and human memory. 

All the beauty of autumn is beyond words, display it in their drawings artists. They can only convey even a little charming pieces of nature.

Better yet, go to the forest. There may be all heart to feel and touch a piece of autumn. The aroma brings unforgettable moments and sensations. In the distance you can see the tail of the river. It seems very dark and quiet. Quietly gurgling water. Calm and grace. The walk itself is in the autumn forest brings positive emotions. It's so beautiful. Every Bush and blade of grass are preparing for the cold. Stops and running small animals and bugs. The bushes are very beautiful, only the tips of the leaves change color. Soon they will fall, and bare branches will feel to be in the woods.

Wood is really tucked away in a colorful outfit. Birch is turned yellow and its each leaf shines Golden in the sun. And when the sun's beam runs across the forest, as if shining with the Golden glow of nature. With each breath of wind the maple drops its leaves. And the oak has long standing with bare branches. Only the fir tree all lit green.

Soon will begin the time of heavy rains, and until all people enjoy the warm days. Especially beautiful in this time of sky. It's still blue, but not so different like in the summer. Clouds float across the sky more and more rarely, they will be the last beautiful memories. Close to the hour when the sky has turned gray and silent.

The last flocks of birds leaving our shores, claiming over a feeling of warmth and summer. We'll leave them until spring.

Beautiful Golden autumn! Its charming pictures of nature, sad feelings, autumn thought. With each passing day, winter is coming, but we will wait for the following the pores of Golden autumn.

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