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School composition

Autumn and nature
Here and autumn came, although the sun sometimes warms in the summer, but already felt the onset of a big change around. The sky remains clear and cloudless, but the wind is not so friendly caresses he often throws sharp gusts of falling leaves in the face. Among the bright greens of steel to meet the most different shades - from yellow to purple-red. Soon they will begin to fall and lay carpet paths between the trees, fly over to the road, stick to the clothes.

The birds now gather in flocks and prepare to look for a second home, somewhere far away in a warmer climate. They resonate excitedly, chirping everywhere. We will miss their cheerful mood during the long winters.

The autumn rains had not yet begun, but occasionally rushing grey clouds with a short shower, leaving quickly drying under the hot sun of small puddles. And in the morning was not so warm as before, chilly and even a little sad.

All nature is like saying goodbye before a long winter sleep, by painting with a bright palette of every Bush, every tree. It looks like a fabulous decor, everything is so different and memorable! I want to walk for hours and collect graceful leaves with clearly visible veins in armfuls, then folding to a collection in memory.

So summer becomes softer and pensive, slowly making way for the new season the North wind and nipping frost. Heat-loving butterflies and bugs already scurrying around and hiding in their hiding places for over-wintering. All of them likely to get, and now they seem to be unusually sleepy and slow.

But before the cold begins, and disappear with all the colors we are looking forward to the season and the last surprise - the Indian summer. It's like the boundary between warm and cold, filled with a kaleidoscope of emotional experiences, creative impulses and desire to be alone. Then the brightness of summer and soft autumn reverie, and sudden gusts of the approaching winter...

We are increasingly trying to absorb the last rays of the to save more, save in the depths of myself until the next hot summer. And again and again silently to myself thank nature for such happiness just to be and feel it all.

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