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School composition

Autumn - a great time
"Autumn time, charm the eyes, 
pleasant to me your farewell beauty, 
I love the lavish withering of nature in 
crimson and gold-clad forests".
Of A. S. Pushkin.

Here come the autumn. Passed a fun summer. It raced swiftly and silently, and finally the autumn came. Over the summer we all have time to relax and gather strength for the new school year. We have become a year older and matured more. For Windows it's almost October, the days are getting shorter, faster, darker, the weather gets colder. In the morning, do not hear the usual singing of birds, when you have to get up early to get dressed and go to school. Everything is quiet in nature. Although the trees still green and only here and there seen the first yellow leaves, all have already felt the approach of autumn.The city has a lot of green trees and green grass, but the city is probably the leaves on the trees turn yellow faster. Sometimes I want to shout the nature, wait, stop, don't get us to summer, but fall, too has a lot of charm.

In my opinion, autumn is the most unusual time of year, because fall has always felt some unusual and mysterious transition in nature. From bright sunshine of the summer, we turn to a harsh winter. And in the middle stands an amazing season - autumn. Autumn somehow always refreshed head after the summer heat and you re with this beautiful and sometimes myself, make some plans for the new school year.

Yesterday, our class and our teacher we were walking in the autumn Park, something quiet and mysterious came over me as I looked at the autumn nature. People passed by, hurrying in all directions, and in nature were made perpetual cycle. We are with our class and our teacher discussed this topic and gathered autumn leaves, twigs, flowers for crafts that we do in our lessons at school. I noticed that the land has become cold and she was cold, not warm as in summer. The day was Sunny, the sky floated white clouds and the sun was shining.

In autumn the landscape has its charm, all the animals and birds prepare for winter. Someone from the animals, for example, a bear will hibernate in winter, and someone will wait out the winter in his cozy burrow to get ready for winter in the fall. Beasts make stocks for the winter in their burrows. In the autumn woods I have yet to go, but from the books I know that at this time all in the woods are stocking up on provisions for the long, cold winter. The summer birds are preparing to fly to warmer climes, and soon we will be waiting for the arrival of the winter birds.Sometimes I think what a long, distant and sometimes dangerous journey lies ahead to fly to our region. Some animals in winter, change their coat, for example, rabbit. In the winter it is not seen in his familiar gray coat, it will become quite white, and the white snow it was not immediately possible to distinguish. So prepared animals and birds to meet the winter. In my house lives a hamster and a Guinea pig, and it seems they are also going to change my coat in winter outfit. Because they have already started shedding.

Beautiful in autumn Park. There are many different trees planted in it. But my favorite tree is the birch. It is the most slender and beautiful of all trees. She so gently shaking the leaves when the wind shakes it, looking at the birch in me always wakes up the poetic mood, and even want to try to write poetry. Maybe when you're older I'll try, but now that I'm not very good at it. I tried to show something to the teacher but she said that I need to read more, then poetry will get better.

Autumn and people are preparing for winter. In the fields and in the gardens have already collected the crop, and we can safely meet the Zimushka-winter. How many rich gifts autumn gives us! And ripe apples and juicy pears, and hazelnuts, and some delicious mushrooms and a lot of good fruits autumn gives us. My parents love to pick mushrooms and harvest them for the winter. They went into the woods looking for mushrooms and came home with baskets, and then, at home we all family farmed and make preparations for the winter. Fall at our house is full of life, as we always do stocks for the winter.My mom is a very good cook, so we always do a lot of winter supplies. I'm willing to help her. How nice to eat a delicious autumn forest gifts in the winter.

Our school is also preparing for the winter season. We have given the task to visit city nursery and help to lead it. We went there with the class twice already. And how many fall flowers are grown and how they dressed. Lush dahlias and colorful gladiolas, autumn roses, fluffy chrysanthemums, an incredible array of asters, and white, red and pink are grown in our city nursery. So many flowers simply dazzled. It all grown over the summer caring hands of the people who work in the nursery.

In General, autumn is one of the most fertile and good seasons, and when it comes to the end and you have to expect a harsh winter, something about it, you begin to regret just as on sultry summer, because each season has its own unique charm.

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