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School composition

Autumn is both sad and very beautiful.

It is sad, because everything in nature is asleep. The trees shed leaves, wilt plants and flowers. Many animals hibernate. Everything in nature prepares for the cold and harsh winter. On the street starts to get colder, and often poured the rains. In the fall sometimes I get sad because the hot and fun summer is behind us, ran out of vacation and back to school.

But autumn is a great time. The leaves on the trees turn different colors – gold, brown, purple. And then comes the falling leaves. With every wisp of wind, the leaves fall off the trees, swirling in the air and fall to earth. I'm coming, and the leaves rustle underfoot. And what a smell! The smell of autumn! Many artists and poets admired this at times, and wrote his works about the autumn.

My mom and dad often go into the woods in the fall. Just to be in nature, after the fall of the forest special! We collect beautiful leaves, sticks and pebbles. From the leaves we add lush bouquets, and from the natural material doing home crafts. When we go into the woods, I always build a campfire and fry sausage on it. So delicious they are only in the woods! We sit by the fire and listen to the sounds of the forest. All around us, rustling and moving. The animals and insects are preparing for winter, doing inventory, insulate mink. They need to hurry, because winter is not far off. Us, they do not notice.Home we always come back tired but happy. Put autumn flowers in a vase, and they will make us happy.

Our class also goes to the forest every autumn. We spend in the woods all day. With us travels our teacher Oksana Petrovna. We choose a large clearing on it and play different games with the ball. We burn bonfires and just taking a walk in the woods. In the most beautiful places we have photographed the entire class, these photos for a long time then remind us about autumn and how we spent time in the woods.

In autumn many birds fly to warmer countries, because they do not tolerate cold weather. But there are those who remain. These birds winter from lack of forage, and it is difficult to live in winter. To help them, my dad and I since autumn begin to make birdhouses. I always help dad in it. We do a lot of them, and with the onset of cold weather to hang some of them in our and neighboring yards, and some in the woods. In the winter my dad every week doing around our feeders, and pours food for the birds. So we help them survive!

I love autumn, it's the most beautiful time of the year!

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