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School composition

As I was traveling last summer
The most wonderful time of year - summer. Sunny weather, fresh summer wind, the birds singing, all around green, here's a wonderful season - summer. The summer after graduation, you always want to go somewhere to relax from the busy city and endless study, to find new friends, get new impressions and useful knowledge, that's why I love to travel in the summer.

Thousands of people travel worldwide every year who rides the train who flies, and someone is sent on a long voyage. In the summer everyone wants to change the situation. Last summer my parents and I went to the city of Ulyanovsk, which is located near our city, to visit my aunt, dad's sister. For this trip we are with the whole family was preparing for a long time. Especially my mom, she reminded us with his father about that in the summer we'll go to aunt Light, and we need all gifts to buy.

Aunt Amy has two sons, but they are still young, younger than me by several years. Call them Vlad and Sasha. Sasha loves to play with cars, and mom bought him a car, and Vlad is still quite small, and also vests him again and there is nothing to buy, mom bought him a beautiful pajamas.

Finally finished school, my parents started a vacation and we went to visit on dad's car. The weather was very good, the sun was shining, the road to Ulyanovsk was extraordinarily beautiful. First, as soon as we pulled away from the house I immediately fell asleep, so got up and we went very early, but little sleep my mom woke me up to get me drunk tea. After tea sleep I no longer wanted. I began to look out the window. I was struck by the wonderful feeling of a large expanse of fields, forests, lots of greenery and flowers. I wanted to get out of the car and run on this green carpet.I sat and admired the beautiful scenery. Soon dad had to refuel our car, we drove to a petrol station, we stopped and mom got out of the car. What a wonderful air surrounded us. The air smelled of warm earth and flowers. Everywhere the chirping crickets and singing birds. Refueled, we bite to eat in a small diner, which was located nearby and then continued our journey.

In Ulyanovsk, we were met by the aunt of Light with her husband, uncle Kolya, and we all together went to their house. They live in their own house, which was built by uncle nick with his friends. Aunt the world has already covered a big table and we began to celebrate our arrival to them. Uncle nick also gave me a car and a big book, and because I like to play different games, and at home I like to play computer when I have free time. Uncle Kolya was also a vacation, and the next day he took us to show us the city as we used to in Ulyanovsk has never been.

The city I loved. He's a bit smaller than ours but very clean and beautiful. Most of all I liked the large promenade along the Volga, a long and very scenic. Yet there are always plays beautiful classical music. This promenade offers a beautiful view on the Volga river, even the spirit grasps from such beauty! And there are a lot of children, there are many moms who walk with their children along the promenade. There we spent almost the whole day. That day was just some sort of children's holiday and there were so many people. The day we had a lot of fun.Uncle nick said that they have in Ulyanovsk very often hold celebrations on this quay, as this place is very loved by all Ulyanovsk.

The next day we went to explore all the city attractions. I must say that in Ulyanovsk there are many monuments, squares and parks, and the city is buried in verdure. Ulyanovsk love their city and cherish it. We realized this when he visited the old part of the city, all the old houses are not demolished, but restored, because this city is the former chieftain, and here he dedicated a memorial Museum-reserve. In the old part of the city there are many museums and exhibitions, some of them we all love to visit.I particularly remember the Museum of old printing technology, because it is very unusual, and the exhibits there are also very unusual,in our city such is not present and therefore I remember it. Then uncle nick and we all were treated to ice cream and we returned home. Aunt Light was left at home to cook dinner, so when we returned we again all together sat down at the table.

And we went to Ulyanovsk for a folk music concert which was held at them in a big concert hall. The spectacle was Grand. Made a lot of ensembles. The music was good and I liked it. There, too, we even sang a little, so as one band asked us to sing karaoke and we all took turns singing. It was funny and fun. The rest of our vacation we spent on the Volga river, bathed, sunbathed and rested. I started reading the book I was given by uncle nick. Time passed quickly, and soon we had to return home.Arrived I immediately shared his impressions about the trip with their friends at school, as some of them also went to rest with his parents and also wanted to talk about it.

Great that we have the opportunity to go for a vacation in the summer, the next year my parents and definitely somewhere we are going.

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