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School composition

As I understand it
Every person understands happiness in his own way. For some, it's a wealthy family, rich, measured, quiet life. Others are looking for happiness in the adventures, travels, in search of new thrills.

Happiness for me is a big happy family where you will always understand and support. And when everything with my parents fine, they are healthy, full of vitality, happy for my accomplishments and success I am completely happy!!!

Also it gives me joy to learn new things - books, movies, interaction with people, travel, exhibitions and concerts!

Sometimes I think, this is not enough time. I'm sorry to waste time on sleep: how much a new one would even know!

Separately want to highlight interaction with people. Is the whole universe. Each is interesting in its own way, each of you has something to teach. And no matter how many of them are good and how many bad people — they all help us to understand the variegated mosaic of the world, learn to be kinder or more careful, more critical or lenient. More importantly, it teaches us to live!

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