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School composition

As I once helped my mother
Essay for class 5 on the theme "How I once helped mother".

My mother is very hardworking and caring woman. It is always, regardless of fatigue and difficulty, tried to do everything necessary to establish our everyday life and our comfort. I really appreciate her concern and effort. I perfectly understand that if not her job, life would be unbearable. Because when I grew up, thought proper to learn how to help her. Of course, it was quite difficult, because this for me was the new skills and always wanted systematically to fulfill them. But I had to thank mom for so many years, the care.

 Сначала мне поручили помогать по уборке дома. Я научился подметать пол и мыть его. Конечно же это оказалась не такая уже и простая работа - надо было следить за тем, чтобы не пропускать мусор. Но с практикой стало легче и понятней. Потом я посчитал нужным и вытирать пыль, поливать цветы. Это задание мне нравилось и все получалось в принципе сразу.

 В общем я постепенно осваивал науку домашнего быта. Мама очень радовалась моему рвению к помощи - она поняла, что не даром прошли ее года теплого и радушного ухода. Это было для нее самой долгожданной помощью. Я старался самостоятельно учить уроки и обращался к ней только в редких случаях.

And then one day I wanted to make her a nice dinner. And what could be nicer after work for mom and dad than delicious on the table. For this I had to rummage in my mother's recipes. There I was attracted to one recipe of cake of pies. Since the cakes I already knew how to do, I decided to try it. First I kneaded the dough, but I overdid it - was a bit too much. In General, the furnace had a long and tedious these cakes. They came out a bit not the same, or rather very different. I still practice in this enormously missed. Until I got that strength was not enough.And smoke found in the house! In short, to air had long and tedious. On the table was a plate with a mountain of pies. I have not had enough to finish the cake. It was decided to leave it in the form of pies, because they, too, can suffice for a tasty dinner. When the parents came home, for them it was the most unexpected surprise. They were very happy. Mom did not have to cook and she was very happy about that.

I make a good helper. Now my mom could have a little more rest after work and it was to her a very large gift. I believe that supporting parents is an important duty of every child, because we are doing a lot more.

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