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School composition

As I helped my mother
Essay for class 5 on the theme "How I helped my mom"

Came my favorite time of the year - summer. It was warm and fun from the hot sun. The time has come the school holidays, so it is possible not to hurry, to play in our alley until the evening and even to wallow. At this time my mother takes a vacation and together we're going to relax for a couple of weeks on a tourist trip, and then tanned and rested back home and with new forces to undertake the procurement of pickles and preserves for the long winter.

This year has been prolific and my mom and I collected many wild fruits and berries and mushrooms and nuts. Vegetables from the garden also helped in reserve for the winter. There was lots of work and mom every day by evening was very tired. So she asked me to help her. I had to go through everything, it is good to wash jars and rinse to Shine in running water. In General, I did all what asked the mother to help her with difficult homework. She gladly took my efforts and even praised for the quickness. Mom did not expect what lies ahead and what trouble she will face.

One morning I woke up very early and went to the kitchen. On the table was adorned with a huge Bank with cherry jam, which was brewed the day before and set to cool, then to decide in a special Cabinet. I was filled with pride and confidence in their abilities and I decided once again to help in the home. So mommy will be happy when I enter the kitchen and see that the jam is already in the right place! Deciding on the feat, I put a chair to the cupboard and opened it. Then he took a heavy glass bottle and tried to install it in the proper place. Here power failed me.The chair swayed, his hands foully shivered, and dropped a heavy jar. He heard a terrifying roar and the red puddle with fragments of glass spread on the floor. Sitting next to the cat pinned his ears, meowed hysterically and horror popped upout of the room.

The noise immediately ran to my mom and sadly looked at me. All her work went down the drain. She did not swear and be mad at me, it is all carefully removed. In the evening we sat to drink tea and mother explained to me the difference between arbitrariness and assistance. Now I know that before to execute something you need to think about. After all, I often took what was not strong enough and my next attempt led to disastrous results. First you need to calculate your strength and ability and only then to grasp the fulfillment of its intentions. This lesson I will remember for a long time, for life.

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