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School composition

A wonderful walk in the woods
I just love to go for a walk in the woods, no matter what time of the year. Walk in the woods is not only a good mood, but also a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions. 

I was lucky, actually.

We live in the city but it is surrounded by forest, so to speak. Around the city are many forests and when autumn comes, we almost every day I go to collect mushrooms. I'm ready to walk in the autumn woods forever. This time of year a walk I especially remember. The thing is that when we go to pick mushrooms, then we build a fire and roast meat on the fire. But not in the woods and in our yard. Mom says to kindle a fire in the forest not necessarily. Way to keep it clean and avoid fires. While the parents are grilling meat, I walk with sister around the yard.She was still so young, and I'm starting to familiarize with the environment and with what is happening in the world. She remembers everything immediately, and I think that will be able to make a smart girl.

When the kebab is ready, we sit down to eat in the yard. Papa makes a large table, chairs and sunshade. And even when it starts raining, we still sit quietly and eat street food.

After eating, we all together begin to play ball. And not only with parents, but the neighbours join us - aunt Lena, uncle Bob and their son Pavlik. Pavlik we are very good friends. One day, during another walk in the woods, I heard a scream. Parents left me at a decent distance, and no it could not hear. I ran to where he heard the sounds. It turned out that the trap caught the dog. I certainly do not know for whom it was designed, but the dog got to do with anything? I may be small, but with traps you know how to use. I was taught this by my grandfather - he was a hunter.I'm not thinking, ran to the puppy and began to pull out of the trap. In just a few minutes he was free. Now the Ball lives at our house. This walk I will remember for a long time.

You can't imagine how happy mom is that I was able to help out an animal! She praised me, and then was allowed to take the Ball with him. 

That ended my walk in the woods that day that I gained a new friend. Now my Ball are inseparable. In General, this day happened a lot more interesting, but I will tell you in another essay. My every walk is sure to brings me something good, and they all remain in my memory only pleasant moments.

A wonderful walk for me is only a good impression.

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