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School composition

A trip to visit relatives
A ray of sunshine broke through the curtains in my room and he smelled some genuine warmth. It was November of 2016. The weather is disgusting and the only ray of sunshine hit my window gave a bit of attitude. For more than three months since we decided to go to visit our relatives from Lithuania. Just want to say that outside the country I've never been and it was supposed to be for me a very interesting event. Two weeks ago my dad filed the documents to the Embassy for obtaining a visa. Today we had to call the visa center that we have taken visa...

Sign-sign, listened from the hallway, where was our old landline phone. And now I can already hear my dad says that we'll be an hour at the place with the documents. Visas we picked up very quickly, although I thought it would have the same inconveniences as applying for these visas.

Coming soon! Soon I will be in Europe! Will be able to enjoy all the delights of civilized life for yourself! Every day before I sleep, I replayed these thoughts in my head. Every night I dreamed the night Vilnius (capital of Lithuania where we were going) as we are with my cousin Nicole walk on it holding hands. Cool old streets of this town attracted me, because I have so many on the Internet considered them. Will be...

The day of the trip came, even came and crawled. So long time for me not going, but now everything was in order, because today I am ever cheerful was blown up at six in the morning for fees. We need to leave at 10: 00 local time. I was going pretty fast, since I long ago made the basic stuff. We left at 10: 30, almost as intended. Rode all day and night. Very tired from the road, but I did not looked back when he saw Lithuania. It was something with something. All as in the picture from Wikipedia.The same old streets, filled with blond Lithuanians, the language of some obscure (Lithuanian) and a lot of cars.

So I met with the country Lithuania and spent a restless week before the long awaited trip.

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