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School composition

A trip to the other
A long time ago, while on vacation in the camp, I met my friend. I love him very much and respected. But unfortunately he is not from my city, and it saddens me greatly. We can say that we are friends at a distance, correspond in contact and talk on the phone almost every day. With it I can share the most intimate thoughts and to receive from him good advice. Already long ago, my mother knows I really want him to go. And now with the advent of winter vacation, she still wanted me to go to Moscow. Of course I will go with my parents to visit our relatives to greet the new year holidays.During this period I will be able to visit my friend.

Since our trip falls on new year, we stocked up on gifts and Souvenirs for our loved ones. Tomorrow I'll be a step closer to his dream. Decided to go by train because all the road was covered in ice. In Moscow we arrived just before the main holiday of the year. At the station we were met by our relatives. Arm in arm with their loved ones, we went to visit them. To the house by car to go forty minutes, so I had time to watch the Christmas shop, beautiful Christmas trees. The city lives in an intense rhythm.A very large traffic on the roads, which will surely end in massive traffic jam.

After a tiring road we finally made it home. There we waited for my grandmother, which I insanely miss you. On the festive table stood her specialties and of course the pies, the taste of which is impossible to forget. At the table we talked, shared their news. At this rate, we spent a few days. And finally, I waited for the day when I will meet with my friend. In advance I was not warned that I was in the capital. Decided for it to be a surprise. Entering the room I announced to him the joyful news. After a long conversation, we decided to meet at the Central square of Moscow.In two hours I with their parents stood at the agreed place and after a few minutes I was approached by a van. We were very glad of our meeting, because I have not seen. He as a native Muscovite volunteered to show us the main sights. Naturally at new year we went to the Christmas tree. It was a very tall forest beauty with bright balloons. The time spent with him flew by, even the bitter cold was not an obstacle. Plenty of slander we have parted on the houses. And tomorrow I'm meeting with Vanya in the New year.Now I can confidently say that my dream has come true.

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