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School composition

A trip to the circus
After a busy school week, finally came the weekend. Recently to our city came a wonderful circus. On all the streets hung with bright posters, calling to his guests. So we decided to attend the performance, especially my little sister was never there. Tickets already purchased, only remains to wait a bit.

To the circus we arrived a little early, afraid of being late. Ahead of us was a colorful circus tent and a large number of people, who, as we arrived to look at performance. All were in anticipation of the start, because he knew that artists have come to international level, jugglers and tightrope walkers from France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. After checking our tickets we missed the circus, putting which way to our seats. In the middle of the circus all sparkled and glittered, shimmering with bright colors. In a few minutes we were in their seats and awaited the beginning of the show.We sat in the center of the circus dome. Bright, colorful arena was in the palm of your hand. In a few minutes we came to the clowns and started to show a fun, interesting rooms. They juggled balls, pins, throwing them from hand to hand. And most importantly entertained the audience. Katya, my youngest sister, was delighted. The smile never left her face, much laughed and clapped their little hands. Looking at her my heart began to rejoice even more. Followed by clowns on the arena there were tightrope walkers.Before us stood a guy and a slender girl, who easily rose to a stretched wire. My heart froze, it was very scary for them. But as it turned out in vain. The girl and the guy passed my distance very easily and with a smile on her face. While everyone sitting in the auditorium understands what a colossal labour, to easily pass the wire on top. Behind them came on the scene acrobats showing one of my favorite rooms. They easily rose into the air and started to perform difficult stunts.The sight was amazing, the hall was an atmosphere of delight. The latest on the arena there was a tiger tamer. He was able to train the tiger, in front of him like a little cat. It was very interesting to see how the tiger performed the most difficult tricks.

The view we loved. After graduation we went down to the arena and took a lot of pictures with actors and animals. And then with high spirits went home.

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