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School composition

A letter to a friend about how I spent the weekend
Grade 5. An essay on the topic "a letter to a friend about how I spent the weekend".

Hi, Yana! How you doing back there? What do you do?

The holidays just started and I already miss you! We arrived in camp, and now we have twenty days of holiday fun. Description the children spread to the units. They are in camp only total seven. I got into third and I love it here. Our unit occupies the top floor of the second block. Here is really cool - the rooms are bright and beautiful. Each of them has four beds, so that should be fun together. I hope to find here many new friends. Of course and I will not forget you!

We were warmly greeted by the counselor, which will now be our mother for the period of stay here. We carried out a "ritual experience" - sitting in the lobby, told a little about himself and played the game. In fact, for a long time will remember each other's names, but this procedure helped to feel in a circle of close friends. Here we decided on the name of our unit and its motto. We are now calling "Crystal". A motto we have is: "whatever you did not, always be clear as crystal". Memorized all the right removecc, we wandered through the rooms and it was a chance to get acquainted.

I got a cool roommate. They all come from one city and told me about it a lot. They were funny and well-read girls. We laid things on the shelves and began to boast of those outfits that took her to discos and performances. My parents bought a new and very beautiful swimsuit that fits perfectly on me. And since our camp is located on the seafront, tomorrow, with good weather, we go swimming. The evening was very eventful. All newly arrived troops presented itself on the line.After, the teacher - the organizer spent all of dance marathon. It was the fact that in the circle to repeat after leading the dance moves according to the music of different peoples of the world. This relay, we cheered and then started to disco. Songs set DJ Andrew. He picked the most popular songs and the dances were really great. When dismissed, we're all happy, full of exciting impressions and tired went to bed. This night the dream was really strong and sweet. In General, so began our camp session.

Tell me, what do you do and where you spend holidays. I hope soon you get the news.

With best wishes, Katya.

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