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School composition

A letter to a friend
Hi, dear friend Maxim. I got your letter, thanks for the interesting story of your day. I loved your adventure. You told little about his new girlfriend Sofia, I would like to know more.

Today I will write to you about our journey with their parents. We had a family Council and we spontaneously decided that we want to relax by the sea. Going to our family very quickly and now at night we set out on our journey. Machine decided not to go, and bought train tickets. I have never traveled on it. I liked the sound of the wheels, which is so choppy and tasty tea of conductors.

Arriving at the sea we were met by the owner of the house where we live. We met each other through the Internet. The car we drove to the final destination. We settled near the city center in a quiet and peaceful location. We didn't want to live where a lot of people and very noisy. 

The yard was very beautiful. A small sandbox, baby swings and even a gazebo with toys. And the owner built a room from a very beautiful tree with a huge fireplace. It is possible to prepare barbecue in wet weather.

And now, finally, we came to the sea. It greeted us with wind and huge waves. But even in this weather it was great. Huge waves covered the beach is sandy and with the power hit the ground. The noise of the waves is unforgettable. We enthusiastically rushed to bathe. Of course, not depart from the parents, after a stormy sea is very dangerous.

The next day the sea was calm. As we came early in the morning on the beach there was nobody there. It was very amazing to see calm water after yesterday's stormy sea. Seagulls strutted along the shore in search of discarded fish. This day we sailed a lot, because the sea was calm. How many seashells on the beach. I have collected for you a huge amount.

On this trip we visited the Dolphinarium. I really liked it, though I was not the first time. The dolphins showed us a real show. They are so cute and very smart. I was lucky enough to swim with them in the same pool, and of course I made a wish touching this wonderful animal.

I would like, dear max, that you were with me in my journey. Be sure to ask their parents to visit the sea. It is an unforgettable experience. It is impossible not to fall in love. It will forever remain in your heart.

Write, have you ever been in nature? What do you do with your family? Where go together?

Your friend Denis.

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