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School composition

A friend is known in trouble
There is a saying – "a Friend is known in trouble." What does it mean? And it means to check a real friendship or not, only once with a friend in a difficult situation. After seeing how to lead your friend, you'll know it's real or not.

What is friendship and who can be called friend? I think friendship is nice, friendly, warm relationship with the person. With a friend you can talk about everything, to share any worries and sorrows that come in life. After all, not every person can talk about their failures, and other possible! But if your friend couldn't keep a secret that secret that you have given him, and talking about it to other people, of course, such a person cannot be considered a friend.

A true friend will not only listen, but will certainly try to help in difficult times. He will never leave you alone with your problem, because if it is divided in half, the trouble will not be a problem! Friend will always try to give you advice on how to deal with failure, to cheer you up. But sometimes the support and participation even more important than the solution itself of the problem.

A true friend will never regret for you not to be greedy. All the good and valuable that he has, he will share with you in half.

I have a friend Denis, we have been friends since the first grade. Once we had the case, in which you can safely judge our friendship.

First I must say that Denis is afraid of blood. One day he cut himself pretty badly, and since then just can't stand the sight of blood, even if its just a little bit.

This story happened last summer. We walked with Dennis, and wandered into an abandoned building, which once began to build, and then stopped, and he remained standing. No people around, we were the only ones there, and decided to climb on the bricks. I accidentally slipped and fell on a pin, he stuck me in the leg, and it was a lot of blood. I was very hurt and I cried and cried. Denis, having seen the blood, all were white and even swayed. Without saying anything to me, he quickly ran off somewhere. And I was sitting alone and called for help but nobody could hear me.I cried from pain and humiliation, because I thought that Dennis left me alone. But how wrong I was. After some time I saw that I ran Dennis and my mom. He dumped me, he ran for help! I was glad to see them. I was taken to the hospital, and then cured his leg.

Then my friend told me that he was very scary and even bad then, but he understood that I need to be saved. 

This story helped me to understand that Dennis is my real friend, he will never leave me in trouble! I am proud that I have such a friend, and then I will try to be for him a true friend!

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