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School composition

A family heirloom
An essay on the topic "Family heirloom", 5th class

Every family with trepidation remains any thing, which belonged to the eldest member of the family and symbolizes the unity of family. Here's the story on this topic happened to me in school.

A history teacher asked our class to make a family tree for each student. We spent a long time with mom and dad remembered all his relatives and painted them like tree branches. It turned out that the ancestors of my great-grandfather had a title of nobility. The family had their own village with the peasants. It so affected me that I began to behave with others more reserved - the origin requires. The next day my mom remembered about our old relic - a medallion carved in ivory with a precious stone in the middle.Mother remembered that her grandmother talked about him as the things belonging to her mother, that is my great-grandmother. Great-grandmother in his youth, married my great-grandfather and he gave her as a wedding gift, this incredible beauty of the locket. When the young couple appeared the heir of the great-grandfather gave my great-grandmother faceted stone malachite.

My ancestor decided to combine both in one gift, and it turned out that locket with the stone. After fell on hard times. The first world war, revolution and dispossession. My family lost everything and they still have this relic. And a miracle! Grandmother, great-grandfather and their children are never sick and died at a ripe old age in old age. My grandfather when calling to the front in 1941 took on the war this amulet. He went to Berlin, and also turned out to be alive, even was not injured. After that this valuable relic of my relatives passed down from one generation to another.My mother gave this locket to me and took my word that I will treasure it and will not lose under any circumstances. I gave such a promise.

Now I often get the family a medallion from a secluded place and for a long time admiring them alone. He faded from the trends of many years, looked fragile and defenseless. But how many people he was - all was happiness and prosperity. Now I imagine how my ancestors lived, looking for their letters and photographs. I am going to cherish and will pass on to my kids. They will learn about my good relationship with good people. And connect them this will be a wonderful thing - a medallion with stone, which was a difficult and hard path together with my relatives.

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