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School composition

A class field trip to the chocolate factory
We live in a small town that not much stands out from all the other cities in our Federation. But there is one chocolate factory where we come to a lot of people on the tour. Of its existence we of course knew long ago, but somehow had not evolved to get in there and see how it turns out delicious candy. That's why we asked his class teacher to organize us a tour. We just finished training week and Monday we waited for a long awaited vacation.As the graph of the city is very dense and will arrange our visit to the chocolate factory was only on Thursday. This thought did not upset, but rather happy that we're finally going to visit this production.

Oddly enough the time flew by special fast. Vacation started and everyone went about their business. Someone helped my parents, and someone the whole day long, went sledding with a steep hill. And now the day has come. Eleven o'clock in the morning we met at the threshold of our school. Many of us are anticipating a great vacation. As soon as we have thought of it before to go there, because we know that it is because chocolate factory our small town a little famous.

Since the factory was not far, we decided to walk. The street was a hard frost, but it wasn't felt that euphoria that prevailed in our class. Fifteen minutes later we were on the spot. Before us stood a small building, the walls of which produce delicious chocolate.

Entering inside we took off the robe and dressed in the form. It was the white robes, headdresses, very similar to a bathing cap and Shoe covers that prevent the penetration of dirt from the street. After all these procedures we were in the sweet Kingdom. Specifically for us to have identified one person who works in this factory. He will tell us about the history of this factory and all production stages. To hear him was a pleasure. Visible to the naked eye that the person is in the right place and truly loves his job. We visited all the production workshops.The first stage consist in the preparation and processing of cocoa beans. But to me it's boring. It is quite another thing when we saw the liquid chocolate that is poured into special molds. The production is so harmoniously, that only manages to follow a new stage production. Once the chocolate is set, it is packaged in the usual packing. When the tour came to an end gave us the chocolate and we went home joyful.

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