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School composition

A class field trip
With the arrival of summer heat, the boys from our class had planned a hike through the beautiful places of our region. Accompany us will be our homeroom teacher - Natalya Fyodorovna. We love her very much, because she tries for us to organize tours and to spend their free time with us. And already tomorrow we leave on a pre-planned route. We will go through the pine forest.

Eagerly waiting for the morning all the kids met at the threshold of our school. There we waited for Natalya Fyodorovna and pointed to a small bus, and we with happy faces went to their seats. Each of us on his shoulders was a backpack with his clothes and a small sleeping pad is a special camping Mat. After a few minutes the bus pulled away and drove us to the point from which we start your campaign. After a couple of hours we were on the spot. It was a small village which is located in the forest.

After looking around and listening to instructions from its escort we entered the forest. There was a completely different atmosphere. He heard the birds singing and had nice pine smell. So I do not want to return to the city and to stay and live in the woods, filling their breath clean air. We walked through the trodden path that stretched to the monument of the Soviet soldier. On the right side we passed the huge reservoir. From the water came a little cool, we are deeply pleased, because we went on to the sun. Our hike was going very fun.Our homeroom teacher told many interesting stories, all the guys laughed their straining bellies. The mood was great, although felt quite tired. We walked a few more hours at this pace, and soon we were around the lonely grave of a slain Soviet soldier from the great Patriotic War. She was in the forest far from the village. But much to our surprise, it was well maintained and on the grave lay a small wreath. General description we have come to worship this hero.Because each of us understands what the soldiers gave us the peaceful sky over the head.

In the street has darkened considerably and we decided to break camp. Quickly set up tents and began to cook dinner over a campfire. It was a lovely aroma of fried sausages and baked potatoes. After enjoying a delicious meal we sat around the fire and listened to songs under a guitar. Is Natalya Fyodorovna excellent playing and singing. After that we went to sleep, and tomorrow we waited for a new route.

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