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School composition

So it's time cold. Covered with darkness all around. Grey houses, grim trees. The wind penetrates through. Do not like the winter when everything is grey and ugly. Looking forward to the snow.

Today is a strange day. Since the morning on the street very cold and the sky is overcast. I look forward to snowfall. This is exactly what happened. A few hours later the wind grew stronger and the sky burst. Out of nowhere began to pour the beautiful snow. The wind circled the snowflakes in a whirlwind of unforgettable quick. All around mixed. The tree shakes with tremendous force. Poor bare branches still tips to the damp, chilly earth.

The circling snow. Every second snow laid more. First the earth was covered in a thin blanket. But, after some time, a huge layer of snow wrapped all around. It's a beautiful thing. In a mad dance swirling snowfall, sweeping away everything in its path.

The wind is howling a sad song, comes through in all the cracks, understands the whirlwind of snowflakes. In this kind of weather is good to stay at home, cover with a warm fluffy blanket and plunge into an interesting book. A howling wind does. You may recall a warm summer and a wonderful holiday, and you can plan for the future. Order and winter to rethink my whole life.

Winter can be compared with the tale. This season many miracles and beautiful moments. Why are only the new year holidays, sledging and skiing, playing snowballs. A fascinating walk of the winter parkland is necessary to keep in memory in photographs, because every year winter the nature is decorated in a special way. In bright Sunny days, the snow glitters and reflects the bright bursts. It creaks under his feet, as if singing a cheerful song.

Particularly interesting when, after Blizzard remain high drifts. It's a real holiday for children, the sea of positive emotions and pleasure. Of course, it's hard to clear all the roads, but it is caring adults. Every snowdrift turns and exciting adventure.

Worth to say about the frosty patterns on the Windows. It's just a miracle. This beauty will not be able to create any one artist. They are so different and never repeated. In the sun they melt, but only crackling frost – appear again.

This is a great time of year do not compare with anything. It gives people a real pleasure, pushing them to new adventures, thoughts and to a good mood. Only in the winter start to believe in miracles that always happen.

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