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School composition

Over the last days of autumn and the window is knocking us real winter. Snowflakes swirling in the air as if in a waltz, lay down on the still naked, uncovered snow covered ground. They shimmer all the colors of the rainbow, and in this moment you feel that there is something unusually magical and fabulous. The first snow, undoubtedly, pleases the eye not only children but also adults. How nice to see happy faces of people. A run out into the street, shouting: "Winter..." and immediately begin to build snow FORTS, castles, sculpt a snowman and, of course, to throw snowballs.Someone is trying to ski, someone on skates, and someone on a sled.

By mid-December the snow has fully covers the entire earth in your outfit, and the trees dress in beautiful white dresses. The weather turns cold, cloudy and windy. In those days, I do not want to go outside and seems to be the only hot tea with jam can cheer you up. However, the sun will still once in a while, but it turns out. Frost paints the Windows are very beautiful ice patterns. Children, with the fun run on the street and start to frolic, despite the cold. In those days, parks, skating rinks and ice slides are simply overwhelmed.I love when these days fall on a weekend and then you can go to the village. Unlike city, there is incredible beauty, snow is always white and fluffy. Unfortunately, in big cities due to the large number of cars, winter loses its magnificence: the snow is gray and nondescript.

We must not forget about one of our favorite holidays celebrated at this time of the year – new year. In anticipation of this event the streets are decorated with colorful garlands and lights, install Christmas tree and other decorations. Millions of apartments across the country has also transformed and become a cozy and warm atmosphere. On the eve of this long-awaited holiday, started prepping everything for the festive table. Thirty-first of December close to midnight, waiting for the guests, greetings and gifts. And after the battle chimes – having fun. Usually people go outside, lit sparklers and launching fireworks, but my family celebrates at home.Not only as new year's eve you can believe in the miracle and dream. In the morning, always eager to get up early to run up to the Christmas tree and find a treasured gift. In the yard the first of January, and there is still a long break. And then everything will return to normal working weekdays and welcome the weekend.

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