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School composition

What I love about my mom
Essay for 4 class on the topic "why I love my mom"

The most kind, gentle and affectionate person to me is my mom. She's like a ray of light in my life. I can not imagine my life without my mom. Without her good opinion, good hands support and good advice. 

Every morning I Wake up mommy. To Wake up to school do not want, but she will kiss, hug, joke, morning becomes more beautiful. If me comes to Wake dad, I pretend to be asleep and wait for mommy. She likes it when I call her mom.

Let me argue with anyone about whose mom cooks better, but I know I will win. Because such pies, cakes, and dumplings and soups you can't enjoy no one but me. When mommy is in the kitchen the magic, in other words, I can not call this action, delicious flavors are posted on the building. And the crowd of my friends already lined up in a long queue, hoping to get a delicious piece of meat loaf or pizza.

And what my mother mistress! She is always throughout the procedure. The truth is very often daddy goes for untidy clothes or litter, but we listen and we promise to keep order. We have, of course, is not very good, but we're willing to try!

My moms a teacher, so I have no problems with homework. I know that often afflict her bad marks, but I just can't help myself. As my dad says: "He is a boy, what do you want". And I'm with dad in that I fully agree.

And mum is for me a real friend. With her I can talk about anything. You may not believe me, but my mom understands football as well as any Pope. Knows the names of all characters of the cartoon Star wars. And all the pretty girls in our class. So, believe me, it is very interesting.

I confess to you honestly, a little lazy. And my mommy to get me to run during the summer holidays, run with me, casting all their care and Affairs.

She is strict but fair. Sometimes I resent her for punishment, but then think about their actions, understand what was done wrong. If mom was in a rage and cussed me unfairly, she never be ashamed, and will approach and ask for forgiveness.

I can't give an exact answer to the question: why I love my mom. Love, because she's the best mom in the world. Me no one will ever be able to replace it. I wish she never upset and didn't cry, I will try to do.

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