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School composition

Essay for class 4

Subject: The Truth

Why is it important to tell the truth? Because the power of truth. When you're telling the truth, you feel free, you don't have to strain to get out all the time.

Why am I not always telling the truth? Sometimes I lie just to avoid punishment. Punishment from parents and adults. Punishment is always unpleasant. But the truth is even more unpleasant.School essays

 В школе чтобы получить хорошую оценку, родители вынуждены сидеть у меня и делать домашние задания, которые являются часто очень тяжелыми. А я не хочу, получать плохие оценки, а еще больше не хочет этого моя мама, потому что ей будет стыдно перед другими взрослыми за меня. Когда я сделаю что-то сам, то получу плохую оценку. А оценки в наше время ценятся более чем знания. Отсюда и следует неправда.

The truth makes us free people. But modern education system is not interested that we were free. To learn to think independently and to be creators. The authorities need dependent people, easily manipulated, she needs mindless consumers. Therefore, the estimates are of paramount importance, rather than knowledge and thinking. Hence lots of lies.

Politicians speak the truth and fight all the time among themselves, and encourage them to quarrel all the people.

Most adults speak the truth, and we learn that from them.

To deceive a second person, you must first deceive yourself. Therefore, we must first be honest with yourself!

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