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School composition

The Feast Of The Passover
Our family celebrates a lot of holidays: the birthdays of loved ones, new year, women's day, Victory Day. But the most favorite for our family is the feast of the Passover. This is not just a celebration of, and faith in more in light power. Why we like it? Why is he the favorite?

Yes, it's very simple – on this day rose from the dead Jesus Christ. Thus, he atoned for the sins of all mankind. With the beginning of Christianity, this day is considered very important in every person's life. Many people celebrate Easter in different ways. Some families just relaxing at home, others go to visit. In our family the preparation and celebration of Easter has become a kind of tradition.

Before the holiday I help my mother bake Easter cakes. This is a very long process. Everything is done strictly according to the recipe, respect the proportions and baking time. All day while baked cakes, the house should be quiet and many tender words. So the spirit of family warmth penetrates and pastries. Cakes decorate with fondant. Your mom the most delicious cakes, because they are made with love.

We are preparing Easter eggs. We have this whole art. Warm eggs we paint with hot wax. The patterns are very spring and lovely. Mom make excellent monograms, and I can only the sun. Then we lowered into the water from onion peel. Gradually, the egg is ready, the wax will peel off, and in its place will remain white patterns on brown skin. It is very beautiful. All of your friends asking my mom to draw such beauty.

The feast day we Wake up very early and the whole family go to the temple. Take a Easter basket with Easter cakes and eggs. After the consecration feel the incredible power and health. We lay the table and try sacred treats. While still dark we rest. In the morning we congratulate all the relatives. We say "Christ is Risen!", and in return should answer "he is Risen Indeed!". These words all acknowledge the sanctity of the holiday and our faith.

Then we collect all our relatives for a picnic. I really love these gatherings. All day a very rich and interesting. Come my brothers and sisters, we play games with them, eat treats. But the most favorite is a game tournament eggs. You have to beat the eggs together, and who will not break, he will be healthy and strong. All these traditions really bring together all the relatives, give a good mood, faith in a bright future and ideal holiday.

I can tell you that the holiday of Easter is my favorite.

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