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School composition

Ride on winter vacation in Ekaterinburg
With the arrival of winter is finally winter break began. That took refuge in a snow blanket, that special sparkle in the frosty sun. On the street the smell of Mandarin and holiday mood. Many people buy home beautiful new year - a Christmas tree, and stocking products on the holiday table.

It just so happened that my parents in Christmas holidays designed vacation. A little after consulting among themselves, decided to go to visit my father's brother. Uncle lives in Yekaterinburg. It is a large city of regional importance. I already managed to forget what he is, after all, was visiting my uncle a very long time. Our trip was planned for the twenty-fifth of December. Just have time before the new year to communicate with their loved ones and then celebrate the main holiday of the country.

The long-awaited day of our trip came surprisingly quickly. If I pushed the clock forward. In advance, we bought everyone gifts that will present your family with new year's eve. Tickets for the station was also purchased in advance, as before the new year, it is very difficult to go to another city. We're going to visit for the holidays.

Our train leaves in the evening so we still had half a day to gather their belongings. In the evening we went to the railway station and within twenty minutes was on the spot. Our train had already filed for landing and we easily went to take their places. Sitting in our compartment, we were on our way. To go we were not so far away, tomorrow morning our train will arrive at the Yekaterinburg station. The night passed very quickly and at eight o'clock in the morning we were in town. There we took a taxi and went to the address where my uncle lived with his family.We arrived relatively quickly, for a large city. Greeted us very kindly and invited to the table. So the conversations flew by in two hours.

By evening all of us went outside. Of course first went to the Central square. There stood a gorgeous Christmas tree, the main beauty of Yekaterinburg. In the area I again plunged into the festive mood. Could be heard everywhere, music, worked the rides and the entertainment was an exhibition of ice sculptures. Before us stood a variety of shapes ranging from cartoon characters and ending with human images. This evening permanently deposited in my memory. So began our first day visiting and still have a lot of interesting moments in this city.

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