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School composition

Nature APR
Came my most favorite spring month is April. It seems to me that he is the best of all the months in a year. Can many with me and disagree, but I will prove his innocence.

Early in the morning, when all nature is still asleep, try to go outside. Inhale the unforgettable aroma. The air is clean and fresh, and the smell of it is special. It appears that nature came to a standstill before awakening. And the clock is inexorably transferred to the hands and suddenly...You hear? This is singing of the spring birds. Their singing makes the world Wake up from a night of oblivion and give yourself a new day. Nature begins to awaken. On the grass there were drops of dew. They are very beautiful. They need to see and admire. Every drop like crystal pea.The sun's rays shimmer in her multi-colored rainbow.

In the month of April are blooming apricots. Everything is covered with snow-white beauty, but it's not the snow, and fragrant flowers, which like all around. Beautiful paintings are stored in memory for a long time. Nice look like when the color starts to fall off. Even from a light blow of the wind, the petals being carried away, and the land around is covered with a white blanket. Be sure to take a picture in those moments. Only photos can retain beautiful memories on paper.

This month bloom many flowers. How nice early daffodils. Their yellow heads always turn toward the sun. High stalks of beautiful flowers. And the aroma is wonderful. Begin to bloom and the first tulips. Beds of such flowers help people to enjoy the day and escape from routine and problems.

The temperature is already a nice body, but in the morning still feel cool. But the day the sun shines very bright, and some people even walk in t-shirts and forget about jackets and fleeces.

Definitely need to look at the trees. A week ago they were with their bare branches with swollen buds. But it was not long and the first leaves. Though they are still small, but with each passing day becomes more and more. Before you know it, as the trees are all green outfit. A beautiful birch tree with its catkins, chestnut pleases the rapid growth of the leaves, the maple is still sleeping, but soon wakes up he is.

Every day brings pleasant surprises and interesting moments. It is only a little to distract from problems and to look at nature with the other hand. Will discover many interesting and unknown.

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