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School composition

My sister
I have an older sister. Her name is Irina. It so happened that she was older than me by fourteen years. Even though it is a huge difference, but it does not prevent us to be very close. She's a wonderful person. All the good that is in the soul of the people gathered in it.

When I was little, she played with me, more than all the rest. She brought different toys and came up with interesting games. I still remember all of them. Now she's helping to teach me lessons, when he finds the time. After all, she already has her family and little son.

She loves to read books. When Irina finds a minute, she immediately sits down in his favorite chair and spends his time reading. Now there are e-books, and she can now take your favorite pieces with you. Has become much easier.

She also loves to travel. My sister has visited many countries and left after photos of their entertainment. This is a wonderful pictures, it will be a long time to show all the guests. And what interesting stories we know about her adventures. She saw a live elephant, a giraffe, a lovely fish and birds. Each country left its mark in her heart.

Recently sister began to dance. Though she has a baby she still finds some time to dedicate to yourself. In recent months, their dance group performed at the big stage. Perhaps a hobby into a profession.

She is very good hostess. When I resort to her house, and she lives next door, always on the table delicious muffins or sweet pastries. All cooking can be time consuming, but I help her with the baby, while she can please us. No celebration can not do without a delicious cake, incredibly nicely decorated.

And Irina can drive a car. Good for her, is not afraid of the road and the police, because he knows all the rules of the road. She drives slowly, but surely. We take baby in car seat and can go to the forest or to the river to enjoy nature. And walk will be held, and all the rest. Together we have badminton, battleship, love to collect words. She's so funny and inextinguishable laughter.

She loves to run in the morning. The husband sits with the child while she does. Running brings physical benefits and satisfaction. The figure will be beautiful and toned. My sister says the sport is vitally needed.

I like the time spent with my sister. I really want to be like her, so smart, strong and cheerful. I really love her.

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