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School composition

My school
An essay on the topic "My school", 4th class

My school was built 30 years ago. Lead to two paths through a birch grove. Around it grows a lot of trees, and home to countless birds. In the spring you can find out about their arrival through chirping outside the window. Despite the abundance of greenery around, in the school building in natural sunlight. I love to watch then, as the rays burst through a huge window. Before this school was visited by my mother and her brother. Some preceptors remember her and always made fun of.

Inside you can find a lot of useful stands. The guys with pleasure take part in the competition of posters and constantly come up with new ideas. Any parent can come and see our work. In our castle of knowledge only two floors, the first study high school students, and on the second we have. We have a giant gym, where before vacation competitions between classes, my class always took the top places. And we have the largest library among all the educational institutions of the district. It is replenished every year, many people delivered for free book boxes.Once a year we "treat" the book, glue the pages and restore the cover. We have a Rota, through which we argue.

In the backyard there is a stadium, in the spring and fall we do exercises. Its gates are open all day, so my friends and I play there after school. The stadium was ready to accept us, we every three months holding Saturday. Podkashivaet gate, replaceable grid and collect the garbage. All the teachers are trying to help us, they are interested in, to make us comfortable.

Our teachers have the highest category and a great experience. We never happen the conflict, teachers and students with respect to each other. They provide excellent knowledge, most of the students go to famous universities of the country. They can always ask for help, they never refuse.

I love my school. I like to go into it, I'd love to get up in the morning and going to a meeting knowledge. The school gave me a lot of friends and love of books.

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