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School composition

My school
In my city and on my street 35 years ago the school was built, which I now learn. Lead to two paths through a birch grove, which separates our school from the roadway, but at least there are a lot of plantings around the building, the school is not deprived of sunlight. There are benches where during the breaks you can sit to talk with friends or prepare for the next lesson.

And inside my school just "steeped in knowledge": on the wall hangs a lot of research stands and reports, photos of high achievers and honored educators, etc. the School has two floor where there are classes and clinics, Junior classes are studying on the first floor and high school students, mostly in their second. The gym and the Assembly hall is also on the second floor. But our greatest pride is the library, it collected an incredible amount of books, I spend a lot of time. The library size is huge, but despite its size there is this silence fascinates me.

At the rear of the school there is a stadium and in the warm time of the year the gym class is held there are held many sporting events.

I love my school for all it gives us knowledge, friendship, love. It is happening in our own little lives, and the school is our second home. All teachers try to do everything to ensure that we were comfortable and cozy within the walls of our own school. We also support clean and take care of those conditions which are, and for this we have a Rota at the school.

Thank you to my beloved school for what I happy to go there and feel it secure and comfortable. I have a lot of good memories and most of them associated with the school and I hope that every year is held in these walls I will learn many new and interesting!

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