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School composition

My friend
"It's hard to live without a friend" - it always repeats my mother. "Learn to be friends" says dad. And they're right. No other very bad and boring to live in the world. 

I can't imagine my life without my most loyal, best friend. His name is Timothy. He is my classmate. We met him when we were only 2 years old. Our mothers once met on the Playground and since then never parted.

Timoshka, medium height. He has blue eyes and white curly hair, a little snub nose and small ears. He is a very happy boy. When he starts to laugh, then all who surround him, also can not help but smile. Timosha very good. He never hurt a little, and help in a difficult situation. And he is very brave, it seems that he is not afraid of anything.

One day we were walking with him from school and heard the puppy crying. He is crying, probably because bark he just had no strength. We rushed to find him. It turned out that he fell into a manhole. We felt sorry for him, but the hole was deep. Timosha was not afraid, and went down and rescued the poor pup. He brought it home. Mother first scolded my friend because I was very scared for him. But then praised. Puppy named Naida stands for the foundling, because we found him. He now lives with my friend. On the weekends we walk with the puppy to the Park to walk.

My friend is very smart. No, he did not graduate, and mark it so-so. But it is interesting. Timothy reads a lot. So it can tell interesting stories and instructive tales. But most of all he is interested in animals. He's like a walking encyclopedia, can tell you about every animal. When he grows up, he wants to become a veterinarian and treat animals. I'm sure it will pay off. He any beginning through to the end.

Timothy will never give. He always stood up for me, even if he, too, when it will be in danger.

I had such a situation. In gym class we all jumped in length. I couldn't help it. Everyone started to laugh at me and call weak. I was very sad, another minute and I would cry. But Timoshka stood up for me and said that no one dared to laugh. After school we went to his house. He had a long and clearly explained and showed me how to do it right. And it worked for me. In the next lesson, I jumped the farthest. Without my best friend I couldn't have done it! I cherish my friend. He's the best.

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