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School composition

My favorite season
The topic of this essay us dedicated to my favorite season. You know, it’s very hard for me to choose one. I’ll explain to you all the issues and try to conclude it.

I would like to start with the autumn. It could be my favorite season because I have my birthday in September and I love it in a view of birthday parties with my friends. Also, I enjoy watching multicolored leaves on the trees because they are extremely beautiful. But I hate two things in the falls: it always rains and summer holidays end. It sucks because I enjoy taking the rest and feeling the sunny waves in my face.

As for winter, I love it for an ability to play with friends outsides. We play hockey, snowballs and make snowmen. The most interesting part of making a snowman is a search for his nose: I usually use a carrot given by my Mum. Also, I like to slide from the hill because it is funny to do with my friends. But it becomes very cold so I often have a runny nose.

Spring is the time of nature awakening. It is so cool to watch how the leaves start to grow on the branches of trees. Also, I love this season for warm rains because it is so nice to plash through paddles. Close to May it becomes more and more hot and the school lessons come to the end. However, it is a bit sad because I’ll miss my schoolmates during the summer.

During the summer I take a rest and go to countryside to my grandparents. They have a little garden there and they grow small chickens. They are so cute! I love this season for the opportunity to relax and spend a lot of time with my friends. But sometimes it is extremely hot and I sweat. I don’t know where I can hide from the sun so it becomes tough to spend days.

In my opinion, my favorite season is spring because it has the least number of disadvantages. At the same time, I love autumn in a view of my birthday and it is even better than the end of schooldays. So in conclusion, I feel that each season has its unique charm and I love the fact that they come one by one, so I don’t get tired of them and try to use all their advantages.

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