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School composition

My favorite school subject (drawing)
Essay for class 4 on "My favorite school subject"

I am a student 4 B grade and every day I go to school. We have a lot of different disciplines: mathematics, Russian language, science, reading, English, work, drawing, physical culture. And all of these items have to learn, because for University I have to learn everything.

From the entire list of school subjects my favorite is drawing. Mom told me that as soon as I learned to walk, already painted. First for creativity gave me finger paints, then took a pencil, a brush and watercolor. Now I go in school and look forward to drawing lessons. We have a very good teacher, she is very interesting talks about his subject, and all students listening open-mouthed. It even has its own art gallery, and her works are sold even abroad. It large through the efforts of our teacher I have very good impression about the subject.

Our teacher knows about the subject you are drawing all the details and tries to teach us. I excitedly listen to it and try all the knowledge to put on paper, embodied in the figure. Of course, it is not always good, but every day I draw better. My teacher really praises my work and tells my parents that I am very gifted child. I am very grateful to the teacher for the high assessment of my work. Some of my drawings have been on children's creative competitions.I only won once, but I'm not upset and I understand that in order to work was the best it takes hard work and sharpen your skills.

In our lessons we draw still lifes, landscapes, objects, people and portraits, animals. For interesting works we try to draw with colored wax pencils, watercolors, oil paints. Very beautiful work it turns out when you paint a piece of coal. Especially well I come out of a human face. Charcoal is very accurate and can be draw the contour of the eyes and hair. Portraits make a very alive and natural. We have the lesson there is always a harmony. Not acting up even bullies, all guys are addicted to interesting work.

Perhaps, however, I have the ability to draw, but, in my opinion, I have a pretty mediocre work. But in art class I always get the highest score.

I hope that the painting will remain for me not only a favorite school subject, but will become my main job when I grow up.

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