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School composition

My favorite dad
Essay for class 4 on "My favorite dad"

My ideal man is my dad. Ask why? Now I'll tell you about it and you will understand. First, it is very strong. With him is never scary. If me or mom happen some trouble, he says that things will get better and sure to be good. I believe him, and indeed it does.

He has a very interesting and demanding profession. He is the driver of the Shuttle bus. It seems nothing serious. But this is only at first glance. And you imagine what would happen if my dad doesn't come to work. How many people will be late for work, to hospital, to study. Yes, it's almost a disaster! But that will not happen, because daddy is a very responsible person. And if someone has promised something, no matter what, he will keep his word.

He has many friends who appreciate it and like. Go to him for advice and help. He has good hands so my mom says. I don't think so in our house such a subject that couldn't fix my dad.

And I love to play with him! He taught me how to build from the designer. Now we can easily build entire castles and various cars. I was with him very interesting. I appreciate him for what he is not ashamed to tell me stories from his childhood. Even if it does not look very nice. And who else can be so much fun to ride a bike? Fishing is generally a separate conversation. We are going early in the morning when mom and SIS are still sleeping. Daddy is so interesting to talk man-to-man at the lake, watching the floats.And even if we don't bring in as trophies the mood is very good.

We love together to play football. I can see how jealous the other boys, when my best dad in the world goes with me to the yard. Our team almost always wins. Well, if a loss occurs, the Pope said that to lose with dignity – that too is a victory.

And my dad says that a real man should be able to all. So he can wash the dishes and cook us Breakfast SIS, to vacuum or take out the trash.

My dad is strict but fair. If he punishes, it is so deserved. He repeats two times. I try to listen to him. Sometimes I'm bad at it, but I always promise to do better. 

Dad always helps me with homework. He writes to me dictations, not to solve problems. But if we are asked something at work or drawing, I get the highest valuation.

When I grow up, I want to be just like my dad.

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