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Favorite TV show (Battle names)
Today the television has entered our lives. All events, news, entertainment programs can be watched anytime. It's very interesting. From every TV show can learn a lot of new and unknown.

I also watch a lot of TV, but not all that they show, I like it. I choose the programs that interest me. Here I want to tell you about my favorite TV show called "Battle names".

This is a very good program for children and their parents. Compete two families. Started showing it recently, but I immediately became a fan. We were a family, guess the questions and put their points. Sometimes even come up with various rewards. The program has become a favorite not only for me but for the whole family.

In the game "Battle names" set the rules and she has a few jobs. I like to guess the questions, and more like homework families, where they show their skills in dancing or singing. Children are always the team captains that are supposed to show viewers how well they know their parents.

I love that the parents are actively involved in various projects with their children. In this show you can see how happy family and if they know each other. To be fair, there are the members of the jury, also the children who believe the balls of the families who participate. In the end, one family should be the winners and get a prize.

I've always dreamed of together with parents to participate in such a game where you can not only have fun, but to show everyone their knowledge and skills.

This game is a bit like "What? Where? When?" which is also asking all sorts of interesting questions and the team must find the answer. Of interest is that viewers can also send their questions to the specified email box and they can ask in the Studio. But, this transfer is much more complicated. There is no place for fun and dance, here the players will be focused and think all the time. And the questions are very tricky, but to win, you need to answer even such.

The winners receive trophies, and the viewer whose question are unable to guess will also receive a valuable gift. The game makes you think, analyze and find the right solution in this situation.

I love all sorts of interesting TV shows, but these are the most favorite. They can test themselves and spend some time for an interesting pastime. Want to see all the TV shows were interesting and informative.

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