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School composition

Favorite flower
How many beautiful flowers on earth, they are even hard to call. And every flower is beautiful in a special way. One of the beautiful flower petals, the other can be proud of their flower, and the third a beautiful Bud. I've been thinking, what kind of flower I like most, which is my favorite?

I realized that I just don't have the right to choose one flower, so I'll talk about some favorites. Let's start with chamomile. I have always associated with the bride. I don't know why, maybe because all the girls look at her petals of love. She seems so fragile, but actually can grow in the meadows and the long wait for rain. The Daisy flower has a yellow center and white petals. Very beautiful wreath of daisies.

Another flower I like is a rose. Say, that she is the Queen of all colors. The rose has various colors of the flower and prickly thorns. The flowers are large and lush. This flower often, men give their beloved, because they are often symbolize love and affection. Roses are always planted near their homes, because they adorn the estate, and the aroma spreads throughout the County. Very beautiful to watch a rosebud when it is going in the early morning dew. A drop of this transparent, and the rose seems even more aromatic.With its beauty it attracts many insects: butterflies, bees, all sorts of flies. But often eat different pests of flowers. My parents are very caring for roses in our yard thirty bushes of different colors.

I love tulips. For me they become a early warm spring. Their beautiful blossoms are pleased, and you understand that it is a warm time of the year. They have such unusual petals, as if the furrows. And what beautiful varieties with wavy petals. They exude freshness and spring.

I also really like the face of a sunflower. Many say that this is not a flower, but I perceive it that way. He's very natural and looks beautiful. Seeds it so decorated, but the bright yellow petals look beautiful in contrast with the black. Sunflower field is simply mesmerizing when driving past it. Every time we stop and have their photos taken beside him. The sunflower is really similar to the sun. His bright head huge, are delicious.

All the flowers are lovely. That's why I can't choose one. For the beauty of nature all amazing and unique.

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