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School composition

Wonderful time of the year
I sit and think... We are lucky to live in a part of the planet Earth, where can be four seasons: winter, spring, fall and summer. It's so amazing to see all the transformations of nature! There are places on earth where there are no such snow winter. But this means that the people living there can't toboggan, play snowballs, to see snow-covered trees. Well, when the seasons replace each other and give us his beauty. But which season is the most wonderful and beautiful? When the soul wants to sing?

Let's start with winter. What a beauty all around! All the trees are in bright white outfits on the street freezing weather and snow is slowly falling, and the Windows appear frosty patterns. But in a flash the weather can change: the sky will tighten clouds white, the wind kicks up, and will be raging snowstorm. The snow will sprinkle your cereal in different directions, the wind will spare no trees, no bushes, no people... Well, again became calm and quiet, the snowflakes easily sit on the ground, frost cracks, and we look out the window and think how beautiful winter nature.

Soon the sun began to Shine brighter and we are admiring the little green grass. This spring has come. The street is already warm, but not hot. You can admire as the snow melts, then there are buds on the trees. And how beautiful flowering gardens! The trees are white and smell so amazing! And the first flowers. They are soft, very special in its beauty. Need to have a look at the sky. It is pure and transparent blue, is bottomless. And yet we hear the birds singing, the varied trills and chirping sparrows. Spring is all imbued with tenderness and savagery...

Well, it's time to start a beautiful summer fairy tale. Summer has a wonderful sonorous voice is the birds are singing, and the evening starts singing the chorus of crickets. Beautiful songs. Nature is bright and juicy. Densely growing grass, blooming summer flowers. Poured sweet cherry juice, apricots, apples. And even the summer rain is warm and caressing. Under a canopy of low clouds the air becomes hot. Cool drops of rain wash away the dust from the roads and foliage, making after it will sparkle more pure emerald glow. Summer is colorful!

Now it's time for the beautiful autumn. The sky was covered with heavy dark clouds, began to rain. Cold, dark. Thick drops are falling on the warm, still not used to the cold weather of autumn, the earth. And the fogs. Thick, opaque. Frequent cold late autumn weather, the wind. But how beautiful are the trees! All in yellow, red, orange robe. Bright bunches of Kalina burns, pleases with its yellow maple, only the fir tree remains green. This is the time of harvest in the fields is finished. This is the last warbling of the birds flying away. Sad autumn...

And so it goes season after season, year after year. But each time differently, each one beautiful, unique moments. So let's enjoy and enjoy every moment of our lives!

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