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School composition

The rules of the road
As you know, there are millions of traffic lights and road signs, but many do not attach importance. Take a look in our daily lives. Probably each of us had to see how many car drivers do not pay attention to traffic lights. Because of this killed many people, accidents do happen. Road signs exist to ensure that the driver knew what awaited him on the way. Compliance with traffic signs reduces the rate of accidents on the roads.

When a driver having technical issues, he is obliged to stop at the curb, set the sign maintenance work. The signs are there for drivers and for pedestrians, there are signs of another type, such as: bus stop, Zebra crossing and others.

Bus stop. Literally every hundred, a hundred and fifty meters has bus stop to transport passengers.

Zebra-the transition is mainly located after the traffic lights, or on the street where lots of cars. The driver is obliged to stop for pedestrians, which follows the Zebra, otherwise he will be fined.

We know that the police play an important role in road traffic. While driving a car you must wear a seat belt not only the driver of the car, but sitting in front of the passenger. Control of such things provides a COP.

If you think differently, then signs and rules by themselves mean nothing if they fail to comply with drivers and pedestrians.

A pedestrian has to pass the transport if the place of crossing the road there is no crosswalk.

And how to behave at a crosswalk. Many people think if there is a crosswalk, you ran down the sidewalk and run across the road - it is not. If you approached a pedestrian crossing, you should not rush going on the road, in order that the driver managed to see you and stop. Also, you need to be very careful. Look around before you cross the road, as most accidents involving pedestrians happen on a crosswalk.

In turn, the driver on the road must always be vigilant, even though it is on the part of the track where he is not obliged to pass pedestrians. If this plot is located in the city, not for a moment forget that you are surrounded by children, which can pop up on the road. In the case of such a collision the driver will not be to blame, but the accident will happen that will bring a lot of grief.

My opinion is that everyone should obey the traffic rules, in order to have peace, but if traffic rules are violated, then the city will be chaos, which later will lead to disaster.

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