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School composition

Take care of nature!
One day in early spring I wanted to buy snowdrops. From a street vendor I saw these delicate flowers, but looking closer, noticed that they differ from the snowdrops. I then explained it was a wild variety called Bluebell. I felt very sorry for these flowers are pulled directly from the roots, bulbs, and wanted to plant them in her garden so they could live on and on. Now, once melted the last snow, Scilla come to life and pleasing to the eye. But somewhere far away in the forest, is not going to be a beautiful glade with the first flowers and the world will be poorer.

All countries have adopted laws on nature protection, trying to conserve rare species and restore vanishing beauty. But the red book only updated. Probably because our streets continue to sell bouquets of flowers, which long ago secured: forest of lilies and orchids, lilies and rare Solomon's seal.

Not everyone knows the laws, few understand the consequences of destruction of nature, and even fewer activists for its protection. Everyone has to decide this important question of conscience. To be human-a consumer or a man-Creator, the real owner of the land.

They say that the great poet Goethe was very fond of violets, and sow their seed wherever he passed, and so did the world more beautiful. Some take a flower or plant in my garden, others sell them. And Goethe graced the city just.

The famous composer Tchaikovsky was inspired by the nature of their music, Vivaldi also created the creation and the seasons, as Prishvin in his works. Most of all he loved the woods, and even sometimes sold his works for almost nothing, just to save from cutting down your favorite tree. In nature he found the most important parts of the human soul is in its simplicity and naturalness, openness is wonderful and always a new feeling. But Tchaikovsky was so fond of nature that put her beauty even higher than art.

Nature is a mirror of the human soul, all of her grass, the animals and the boundless sky – our true home, which is necessary to protect and preserve. It makes us more human and provides an understanding of the meaning of life.

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