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School composition

We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the planet where there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each season in its beautiful, charming and unique. Every season happy special weather, interesting events. But most of all I love summer! Why for me it so good? Why I'm so excited for it every year?

First, it is a very beautiful time of the year. Nature all dressed in different coloured paint: green, yellow, pink, blue. Such diversity is pleasing to the eye.

Secondly, look at the sky. What is it bottomless, transparent and bright blue. Only occasionally will fly on it white cloud. And the clouds surprise us with its diverse form. Who has a good imagination one can see a variety of animals and people.

I love the summer scents of flowers. The smell just captivates you, you enjoy it. And in this time I have a window blooming Bush of Jasmine. What he is fantastic, incredible beauty! As if the bride is in her white outfit. And when the wind blows, the white petals drifting to the ground. I heard the little boy was happy "summer snow".

Only in summer it is especially interesting to watch the thunderstorm and heavy summer downpour after a hot day. Clouds delayed the sky, cool wind, shaking trees, and brings the first rumble of thunder. On the dusty road of falling long-awaited raindrops. Noise finding shower. Rain begins to Pitter-patter on the tin roofs of houses and to fill the dry land. The lightning flashed, and thunder. The earth does not have time to absorb huge amount of water and formed large puddles. But the rain gradually begins to subside. The storm departs, leaving faint echoes of thunder. The air is fresh and light.It leaks into the house next door, and breathing becomes easier. And we are having fun under the huge drops of rain, run barefoot through the puddles, let the streams of boats.

And in the summer ripe fruit. I especially love cherry. They're so juicy. Especially delicious in my grandmother's pies. Only in summer we can sunbathe and swim, I especially love. 

But the best part of this period is the summer holidays. I'm waiting for them for a year. You can have fun, travel, spend time at sea and on nature, to ride a bike and roller skates, you can read children's books.

Summer shares with us his wonderful mood, that's why I love him.

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