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School composition

New year at grandmother's
Happy new year, I got a wonderful mood! I was visiting my grandmother and woke up early in the morning that smelled of fresh pastries. My grandmother baked Christmas cake. Jam just oozing like a river from the mountain gorges. While I read a book (tales of the Sultan), the grandmother poured me a Cup of hot and fragrant tea. After the tea was poured, the grandmother I put on the red saucer, three-layer piece of the Christmas pie.

After I hearty Breakfast, washed, brushed his teeth, stroked the cat and dog, and wearing a jacket, mittens, hat and boots I walked out into the yard to walk. In the snow I drew a mitten and a snowflake Granny, strictly forbidden from the window told me that I didn't even think there's snow on the tongue to catch snowflakes. But who in the seven years, listens to grandmother, and indeed adults? Of course, I went home and began to try snow to the taste, and it seemed to me then, sweeter than a Popsicle.

After I was cold and it was lunchtime, I ran into the house, and grandma of course immediately noticed my wet mouth, blue lips and red nose, and of course, immediately understood. Blame me she did not, because they do not see the point. The more I scold the grandmother, the more I do for evil. She just poured me hot tea with lemon, lime honey and some herbs. After this tea, I didn't even have temperature, and I had fun with a happy smile, looking out the window at the falling snow and sparkling snowflakes.I have presented these snowflakes, small parachutes, which the gallant and brave soldiers, come down from heaven to earth, just like my beloved grandfather during the second world war defended their homeland.

After winter break is over and the new year has come with me to the village to the grandmother came to my parents. At home I started to get ready for school. Took a primer, a pencil case and put it in the portfolio. I will never forget, this is the best new year in my life, in the village with my grandmother. So delicious, sweet, rich and airy cakes with strawberry jam, bake-only our favorite grandmother.

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