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School composition

My toys
The child no child may go without toys. Someone little, someone a lot of them, and some children have none at all. Why is it so? Yes, because the child does not choose what family to be born.

I have a lot of toys. I give them for the holidays and buy just. When I was little my favorite toys were a variety of trains, railroads, small engines. Mom told me that I even slept with them.

Then I got older and my interests changed. Then I liked to play puzzles. I have a whole lot of them. There are easy – for the kids, but there are sophisticated enough for mom and dad. I collect them looking at the picture. But this toy is forgotten.

Then, I was fond of transforming robots. I had the most simple, and portable, and the remote control. Some have survived to this day.

But even carried away all these toys I loved LEGO sets. This is the most exciting experience! It is possible to build anything, the main thing is to show imagination, perseverance. In this game, I always help dad. He will do all sorts of complex buildings, he's not even looking at the manual. My mom never in the constructor does not play, she did not have enough imagination to create cities and buildings. Mom got me interested in books. I have a lot of funny art books for children. My favorite is "adventures in forest school, the adventures Kizuka and Muzyka" and many others.

But when I was older and already studying in the third grade, my toy hobby became a variety of puzzles. I have a lot of them. Especially my favorite is IQ cubes. There's a whole collection: 3 on 3, 4 on 4, 2 on 2, and triangular cubes, and cubes with gears. I still know how to assemble, but be sure to learn. I was invited to the club of fans of the cube-Rubik, and there are real professionals will teach me the tricks of this game. I also have a dream to get acquainted with a champion speedcuber, Maxim by Ciechanover. He is my idol. It can collect cubes even with my eyes closed!

Oh, how time flies, we grow up, our toys grow with us. But I will always remember my very first, favorite toys.

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