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School composition

My school (my class)
My school is my second home. There I have very many friends, and the best homeroom teacher. We have a very friendly class, all classmates at any time, help each other and always are the mountain and my homeroom teacher too, no matter what will always help, although it is a lot of things we can not say, support when something happen and will listen.

In the morning we chefs always treat me and my classmates, they are never rude and yelling at different classes, including mine, if they suddenly can't do something. They cook so delicious that we always run for the second portion, even if it is for us and not climbing. 

Every day we go to school. There we spend a lot of time. Therefore, it is very important that your class was beautiful and loved you.

I love your class, it's big and bright. Huge Windows give plenty of light, so it was good for us to sit and do the lessons. On the window sills are potted plants, they give the class of liveliness and fun. The walls are painted in soothing white color which is always reassuring. Even our classroom has new desks, they are very comfortable for them to sit nicely. The front is the teacher's Desk, and behind in the class are cabinets that have a lot of books in different subjects: mathematics, Russian literature, foreign literature and other items.

We all love to go to school, love to sit in our class, your party with your best friends, because he is for us - a second home.

I go to school of course for knowledge to grow and get an education and then go on to study in some higher institution.

In the summer when I'm waiting out to school, I start to remember their friends, classmates, schoolmates, teachers. But I am afraid that when I graduate from school, we are all each other will forget, because we will razberemsa at the light, some go abroad, some will go to study in a big city and all each other will forget, would like, and we were not. 

But the thing that I will never forget your friends and beloved homeroom teacher, because she became like my second mother, and my class has become my second family, my beloved second family.

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