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School composition

My school
I am a student of the third grade and even though I go to school quite a bit, but it has become my home. In it, I spend most of the time. Here I learn, communicate with friends and spend interesting moments of his life.

My school is very old, her sixty-five years. Though her age is big, but externally and internally it looks very good, timely repairs will allow her to grow old. The building has two floors and two wings, there are children from the fifth to the eleventh grade. Nearby there is a small building, they teach the students of the elementary school. All classrooms are bright and spacious. Huge Windows, hanging curtains, and window sills are decorated with flowers. In each class there are convenient desks, new whiteboards, which help the teacher in the work.The walls with Wallpaper and see the portraits of scientists or poets, tables and graphs, formulas, and sort statements.

The entrance of the school starts from the steps, they are always going seniors. In the lobby there is a changing room. The left wing houses the sports hall and gym, then the children spend in physical education or engage in sports. There's still room, where our boxers. Their training is reinforced, no wonder they are winners of various tournaments. In the cold season in the gym are training the sections football, volleyball.

In the right wing and center cabinets. Every teacher has their own class, where everything is prepared for training students. In this side there is an Assembly hall where all the school holidays. There is a big library. On the first floor is everyone's favorite office works separately for boys and for girls. All the students love to work there: the girls are baking pies and the boys master man's profession. 

On the ground floor immediately meet all the offices of the Director and the teacher in extra-curricular activities. There is also a dining room, where the guys delicious replenish your stamina.

The backyard features a huge Playground, where during the warm time of the year is physical education. Immediately spend the first and last call. These holidays are very touching and colorful. A lot of the songs dancing, the most honored students receive certificates and awards.

In my school attended the future astronaut, honored doctors, writers, athletes. I am very proud of her and love school and our teachers just because of them many students have reached such heights of life.

When I grow up, my kids definitely will study at our school.

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