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School composition

My future profession (driver)
Essay for 3rd grade. My future profession.

When I was very young I asked : "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I've posted something, like policeman, astronaut, and all laughed loudly, clapping! But now I answer this question quite deliberately! I want to be a driver!!!

This idea first time came to me after my mother bought me a book called "Transport". There were a lot of interesting things: the history of the machines from which they are made (it turns out they are very similar to people and heart them is and stomach and kidney!), name of different brands (I now walked with friends down the street and sagely said that it was the Maybach , and it's a Citroen, Mercedes or Beha! From what the boys opened their mouths!!

Grandpa me too much to tell about cars! You know, for me there is nothing better than those moments when grandpa puts me in the driver's seat and I'm doing it!! Unless , of course, not to draw attention to the fact that he controls the brake and accelerator pedals! But this is not important, the main thing that I see all the boys, and I proudly raised his nose, pretending to not notice!!

Still, this is a very interesting profession, because it gives the opportunity to meet a lot of new, interesting people! With whom can we be friends then to phone, and if this man be not interested just delete his number and no one will find you!!

Tell me, isn't it cool to travel to different countries??!! I will definitely visit both in America and in Spain, and in Africa!

The machine I have is so big that people will raise high their heads to greet me!

And what is useful to society, the profession!! After all, who will carry the load (coal, stones, apples, bread ). But if it is the driver of a taxi or bus, people! How would we go the class to the circus, if not for our driver uncle Alex?

All from today start to do well in school, will teach the rules of the road. Will definitely go to College, become the best driver, you'll see!!

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