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School composition

My favorite time of the year
Essay for class 3 on the topic "My favorite time of the year."

Winter is my favorite time of year. Many of my classmates do not like winter. They are constantly grumbling at her. Then they cold, wet, slippery. Yes, this is the beauty!

Go outside early in the morning, breathe fresh frosty air. And under his feet crunching the snow, like a miracle. When snowflakes descend from the sky, it seems that the beads, which my mother's embroidered handkerchief. It is the same silvery, radiant, sparkling. The trees seem to put on wedding dresses. Each bride's own style. But they all sparkle so that it may like them on eyes appear tears. And the bushes, as if rich grooms, drew his eyes large caps.

I love winter for a lot of fun. We play with the guys in the snow, Yes there, we have the whole battle! Build castles. And last winter I concocted for my SIS frosty. He was wearing a hat, a scarf with a funny carrot nose and a wooden gun. Where there is daddy's snow woman. And yet we go on winter break, the rink. So cool to slide on the ice and feel famous figure skater. And the sled is another story! We are racing, imagining themselves drivers of high-speed cars. Rushing forward from the hill, the wind whistles in my ears.Of course, mom scolds me for ice-covered pants and a lost mitten. But not for long, probably, remembers himself at my age. And then calls me to my favorite drink raspberry tea with honey. And the house is so warm and cozy. Dad melt furnace. I looked out the window. Very beautiful and magical lights are litwinter. They like the guards guarding our hill and snowmen. Just want to dream and believe that everything will come true.

How can you not love winter? It is only in the winter such a large number of holidays and gifts. It all begins with St. Nicholas day, December 19. This morning we look under the pillow in expectation of gifts. I guess it's mom and dad put them there. But are silent about it, don't want to upset them, because they try so hard. And how much can you say about the New year holiday! I think it is the most important holiday of the year. Of course, after my birthday. It's a magic tree, tangerines, gifts, fireworks, sparklers! Christmas is our family holiday.We cook the pudding, go to the godfather. And in the evening gather the whole family for a festive dinner. And again get a lot of gifts and sweets.

Winter is a difficult time of year, this is a good, funny tale.

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