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School composition

My favorite school subject
My favorite subject in school is work. Our class is always interesting. We have a good teacher, she explains all clear. And never gives us bad ratings. 

In my favorite lesson, need to work not only his head, but and hands. We create beautiful crafts out of colored paper, cardboard, plasticine, cards for different holidays, using their imagination and fantasy. They never turn out the same, because all students in the class are so different.

I especially like it when we're going after school, and start to consider and compare, brag about how who turned out. All DIY of course is not perfect, everyone has its flaw, but it is still fun, who bear with no eyes who have a dog without a tail.

For all holidays we class technology make cards for moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers. For the new year, on March 8, February 23.... They are such extraordinary, what can not buy in the store. A gift made with your own hands is always nice to give and even more to accept. And make a card or craft from the materials available. You can take just colored paper, cardboard, clay, glue and scissors, and make such beauty. The main thing would be desire and imagination! What I have more than enough.

Another reason why I like this subject, you can show all your talent. I love to draw. I dedicate drawing almost all my free time. I paint animals, nature, home, illustration, cartoons and movies I love to watch. All of my friends and acquaintances say that I'm very good at. I think I have a talent, I like to work with their hands, something beautiful and extraordinary. Maybe someday I'll become an artist or designer clothing for children.

Of course, in addition to classroom work, I still like that a lot in school. I still have favorite items. For example, mathematics and the world around us. I generally like to go to school. Here I get knowledge, communicate with classmates, and meet new guys. But on the day when there is my favorite subject, I am very happy, I have a very good mood. Because these lessons are to my liking. Here they are doing their own hands, with love, and then pride themselves on what happened. And I think these lessons will help you in life no less than mathematics, Russian language or literature.As such creative activities develop imagination and creative thinking.

Here's my favorite and very useful school subject.

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