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School composition

My favorite profession (Builder)
Many jobs in the world are different, but I like the profession of a Builder. Why I totally respect her? Why I really want to learn in the future?

And all because, first, this is a real man's job. Build is the same, what to do, as for the construction of the beautiful building requires not only experience, but talent. And men are very capable of creativity. Builders are all different: those who create the plans for future constructions – architects, designers; those who put up walls – masonry; those engaged in interior decoration designers, carpenters, electricians; those working on construction equipment – crane operators.There are a number of job specialties, such as, steel fixer, concrete worker, roofer, painter, installer, tiles, plasterer. Working in the brigade builders combine several specialties, are "masters of all trades". Their work is more varied and, accordingly, requirements to the level of their training higher. That's because this is a very interesting profession.

To be an expert in their field must be very good to learn, produce new knowledge is very hard work. By choosing this profession you must not forget that it is very difficult, it's hard daily work. These people work at any time of the year. They work under the open sky, in the heat and in the cold, without weekends and holidays. Daily physical exercise, a lot of the harmful factors poorly affect the health of construction dust, noise, vibration, working with poisonous substances, dyes. But with all this people building profession - from those who have been and will be confident in the future.

Secondly, in our modern world is one of the most necessary professions. Old houses are destroyed and in their place it is necessary to create new buildings, houses, roads, entire neighborhoods and new cities. All of this can create an experienced Builder.

This is a very demanding profession. Only the Builder is responsible for the time it will stay home, whether it is safe and comfortable for its occupants. And if suited to the case with the soul, and to live in such houses warm and nice. And as they say the builders profession, though this difficult, but noble. Every Builder who loves his job, enjoys the results of his work, it's so nice to see thanks to your efforts, for nothing grew the house and moved people.

When I graduate, I will be sure to study this profession. I will build the city to new, beautiful, modern houses were admired near the ancient buildings are not only the indigenous population but also visitors to the city.

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