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School composition

My favorite pet (hamster)
Essay for class 3 on the topic "My favourite pet"

Almost every family has Pets. People have them for different reasons. My grandmother bought a fluffy cat after grandfather died, she said that the cat helps her cope with loneliness. My neighbor's party, Dasha lives a big dog, she likes to walk with her in the morning. Dasha says that thanks Daisy, that's the name of her dog, she managed to lose weight. After all, running after a dog in no way easier than training in the gym.

Our family also has a pet. We don't call him a pet, as it had been a full member of our family. And lives we Djungarian hamster.

Very interestingly, he came to us. My uncle we have been passing through he went to visit and brought a gift for his daughter: two hamsters. Night one animal escaped from the jar. In the morning we all long looked for it well, not found. Uncle had to leave. How we laughed when one day I found out, now our Homa in the pelvis. How it got there? It remains a mystery today. At first mom was against it. Said that will not allow mice to live in your home. But now she, I think, still ashamed of those his words.

He has grey fur, small black eyes, tiny nose. Foot Homicki, so we affectionately call it, quite manyusenky, but despite this, he is very smart. It seems to me that if he during their movement produces energy, it would provide our whole house with light and warmth. Because my darling does not stop for a second. We love to watch his stunts that he does on the bars on my cage. This miracle is so small that it easily fits to my palm. But do not think that it has no character. He has his preferences and principles.For example, khomka never climb into the cage until, until he will not change the water. Or not to swim with noanyone except me. He loves this activity. In the water he's sporting, very funny wash their paws coat and fun singing. At first he didn't like this procedure. It seems to me that pet was just afraid. But now without swimming we did not pass a single day. 

The baby is not picky with food. He loves sunflower seeds, buckwheat, rice, banana, but the greatest delicacy is cheese. Despite its small size, he can put in his mouth 6 seeds at the same time.

We all very much love your Homochka. He brings us a sea of positive emotions.

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